Canon Printer Not Working

It is a peripheral device which helps us in making a representation of graphics or text on paper, it has become an essential part of our life there are many brands to choose from however Canon being a popular one, as the Canon printer is used day in and day out so there can be some technical problems like canon printer not printing, associated with the same which can be taken care by taking some steps.

Canon Printer Not Working/Printing – there can be some common issues because of which the printer can stop working and stop printing some they are listed as, and we see also how to fix them yourself at home without the help of any printer technician.

How to Fix Canon Printer Not Printing & Working Problem

 1. Canon Printer has Stopped Printing

it is one of the most common problems which one can face and to overcome the same please check if the printer is plugged in properly and then turn it on again, it could also be if the document consists of a lot of photos or graphics then one is required to wait for the ON Lamp ad till it stops flashing and it becomes steady and starts printing, printing can also be stopped if there are a lot of undeleted print jobs, in this case, all you need to do is to delete the print job from the queue and then try printing again.

2. Canon Pinter Working Slow

it normally happens we are looking for the high-quality print and in order to solve the same one need to go to the settings to reduce the print quality which indeed not only increases the speed but will also save the ink and toner and the same can be done by excluding the graphics from your document in the case you are printing from the website.

3. Paper Getting Jammed

one can now bout this concern as the printer will notify one about the paper jam at that very moment you need to turn off the computer and unplug the same, then very slowly take out the jammed paper making sure that you do not touch the film and ensure that no paper is left inside.

 4. Print is Not Cleared in Canon Printer

in the case when the print head is choked because of the dried ink as a result one will be able to get the clear pint, this also happens if the inkjet printers are not put in use on the regular basis, one can also be able to see horizontal lines and spots on the printout and it can be taken by using the utility program and one be required to clear the dried ink and to ensure that it has been taken care take out a test print and if it is still not cleared then also check the level of the ink and if it is the case then you will be required to change the cartridges.

 5. Paper Alert

even there is paper in the printer still showing there is no paper, this could be an object in the rear tray and ten unplug the printer and remove the same, this could also be in that case if the paper is not loaded properly and to avoid the same it is required to load the paper properly and also check for the alignment and not to forget do check the size of the paper and before loading the paper do clean the paper roller.

 6. Canon Printer Stops Working Mid-Way

there is a strong possibility that printer stops working in half of the operation can be because of high-quality graphics and it can also be because the printer is running for a long time and the easy way out for the same is to turn off the printer for 30 minutes.

The above mentioned are the common concerns which could lead to Printer not working, there are many more concerns which are not mentioned above and to which you are not able to resolve at their end then one will be required to take help from the expert and the help is one call away the expert will hear the concern and will let you to now the step to be taken in order to resolve the same and if one is still not able to do so, you can ask the expert to take the remote access and carry out the steps to resolve the same.

One can also seek help from the community as well to get help from the group of an expert or you can also write an email to customer support and it will help you 24/7 hours resolve the concern.