Zebra Printer Troubleshooting

Zebra is the top-notch companies all over the globe, it offers various products and services with very effective technology. This company also provides various kinds of scanners and data capture resources, RFID solutions, Tablets, Software, Kiosks, and many more at very affordable prices. In this range, Zebra printers are very famous among business entities and big organizations. This printer has made through a very critical and complex algorithm; besides it is very easy to use and provide instant action for any type of printing.

Why Zebra Printer is Best?

Undoubtedly, Zebra Printer is very recognized in the range of printers, which are quite reliable and easy to use. Either it’s Desktop Printer, Industrial printer, and Mobile Printers. You can quickly Print, Fax, Scan, and Copy the documents, all just by using the single device. Behind the fruitful working on the printer’s functionality, its drivers and software also perform a very important role. Further, it’s amazing and user-friendly functionalities and capable sufficient to provide high-quality printouts without any fault.

Zebra Printer Troubleshooting Problems

However, Zebra printers have the uttermost, and advanced features, that providing the quality printing service. Behind all reasons, the common Lehman or people can’t find the issues of these printers, but the technical issues are common to happen anytime if the device maintenance isn’t done correctly. Of course, that thing could have risky also, could do hamper users as your works. To ensure that your Zebra printer continues to work effectively and efficiently, you require to understand the numerous interpreting indicators, instructions, also challenging actions comprised of the printer series. But, don’t worry, if you are facing Zebra printer troubleshooting issues and looking for reliable assistance, so just follow this blog and get instant solutions with short and crisp steps.

What are common zebra printer troubleshooting issues

  • Install new drivers in Zebra Printer
  • Label print isn’t correctly on Zebra printer
  •  Zebra Printer power ON issue
  • Adjust Zebra printer for the media to use
  • Zebra printer Printing is faded or poor quality
  • Configuration and setting changes to Printer
  • Low Ink warning occurs in Printer
  • Toner smear and White lines problem 
  • Connectivity errors occur in the printer
  • Zebra Printer Offline errors
  • Paper Jam issue in Printer
  • Grinding noise in Printer
  • Problems in replacing Ink Cartridges
  •  Slow print rate while connecting to the mobile devices

If you are facing any kinds of Zebra Printer Troubleshooting issues, here you will get a complete guide to troubleshooting in a very easy manner. Just follow the below-mentioned steps.

Zebra Printer Troubleshooting Step by Step:

Solution 1: Install New Drivers In Zebra Printer

Many users face an install a new driver in the Zebra Printer issue, which is a very common issue, and easily fixed by simple troubleshooting steps.

  •   Visit the official Zebra printer site or click the below link to find an updated driver 
  • (““).
  • Then install the driver before connecting the USB. 
  •  After then, install a driver with “Network” and then use ‘Settings’ when the driver is installed configuring the IP address.
  • If the driver isn’t communicating then try using the different connection cable.
  • Now, the driver installed under the ‘Devices and Printers’ section on your PC, then you should come online or a new driver will install automatically.
  • Now, test a Print.

 I hope your issue is resolved.

Solution 2: Desktop Labels Print isn’t correctly on Zebra printer

If you are observing that your Labels show small or blurred on your Zebra Printer, then you should follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps to change the size and clarity of the Label.

  • Go to “Control Panel” on your desktop and tick on “View Devices and Printers”.
  • Then, go to “Printing preferences” by right-click the Zebra printer.
  • Next, pick the “Stocks” option and then “New”, which will allow entering different custom selections for your Label.
  •  Now, find the name or Label size and modify setting according to your choice. Then click the “OK” button.
  •  Now, under the “Option” tab, click “Stocks” in the drop-down menu. Then you’ll see the option to select “4×6“, which will allow you to use the “4×6” printer Label setting, save it or choose as per your choice. Click Apply.

Now, the Label will be larger and you can print with more clarity.

Solution 3: Zebra Printer Power on Issue

Follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve power on the issue.

  •   Try a different power cable.
  • Then, check the power cable and turn ON printer by the power outlet.
  •  Now, check if a printer is still supported, a repair order may be needed. To open a repair order, go to the official site.
  •  (“”)
  •   If a printer is discontinued repair it now. 

Solution 4: Adjust Zebra printer For The media or Ribbon to Use

If you’re unable to adjust the Zebra printer for the media or ribbon that you wish to use, then follow these troubleshooting steps to fix this problem.

  • First, check your Labels to define Gap, Notch, or Mark.
  • Depending on Labels the sensor will need to be positioned correctly.
  • Verify the ribbon is installed correctly, also note the color of the ribbon. Black Ribbon is most common.
  • Then, the auto-calibrate should hold position afterward the printhead is closed.
  •  If “Auto Calibrate” doesn’t run, then “Manual calibration” will need to be completed.

Now the issue is resolved definitely.

Solution 5: Zebra Printer Printing Is Faded or Poor Quality

The following troubleshooting steps will assist you to solve Zebra printer Printing faded or poor issue.

  • Clean the print head with a cleaning pen.
  • Adjust print speed/darkness in software.
  • Then, check the media and then verify the print surface is facing up.
  • Verify that correct thermal media are in use.
  • Test a “Darkness” the setting is correct.

Now, the printer faded or poor-quality printing problem is resolved, and you will easily be printing the document.

Moreover, all the above common troubleshooting problems can be more frustrating sometimes. Therefore, these mentioned troubleshooting steps are accurate and will resolve your issues within a few minutes and you will bring back the smooth speed of your Zebra printer.